VIDEO PODCAST EDITING demonstration: EDDY by Headliner, with Elissa Craig

how to edit video podcasts with text using Eddy by Headliner

Is a program like Descript too complicated, but you like the idea of editing podcasts via a script?

I bet you think the same about editing video podcasts?

Well, here’s something that surprised me: Headliner App has a VIDEO EDITING VIA TEXT TOOL 🤔

Yes, THAT Headliner…the one podcasters use to create audiograms with the jiggling waveforms for social posts.

EDDY is a text-based editor that also does VIDEO. Yes, VIDEO! Come to see how easy it is to use.

(Spoiler Alert: I’ve already seen it in action, and it’s very simple).


Members of the Podcast Editor Academy can create unlimited, 1080p, full podcast episodes using Eddy for 6 months free. Get the link inside the Discounts section of

New users can get 2 months free with our special link:, and existing Headliner users can get the same discount by contacting Elissa Craig and letting her know you saw it here (the Podcast Editor live stream)!


About Elissa Craig:

Elissa is the Head of Marketing over at Headliner and is a proud graduate of Vanderbilt University’s Master of Marketing program.

She is passionate about helping podcasters learn all the wonderful ways they can market their podcast without adding more to their plates! 

About Headliner:

Headliner’s affordable, easy-to-use product suite has helped over 1.3 million creators grow their podcasts. Achieve your podcasting goals and break the sound barrier with Headliner!

Headliner created Eddy, which helps creators transcribe, edit, and promote podcasts with ease!

Use Eddy for free and get access to awesome features like the Podcast Promo Pack, generative episode art, and more.

Learn more at, or existing members click the pink “Transcribe” button at