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Want to give your podcast a competitive advantage over the millions of others and keep your audience engaged?

Discover the latest tools, techniques, and tactics to write show notes for your podcast episodes that not only enhance your web presence, but also stand out among the social media noise!

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You ENJOY recording your audio insights, but hate writing or sharing the summaries – even knowing it will 4x – 8x your download results (or more).
  • You are tired of spending hours upon hours trying to write the perfect show notes for your podcast episodes.
  • You feel like you’re not getting the results you want or feel left behind of what others are enjoying.

We understand the struggle, and we’re here to help!


Podcast Show Notes Summit 2023!

The Podcast Show Notes Summit is the only event of its kind focused solely on getting the maximum results out of your podcast. Get an edge on the competition with better episode titles, descriptions, and new listeners utilizing the best practices from industry leader in search engine Optimization & social sharing. 

When we first induced AI concepts in 2021 – we had no idea that it would take off so munch in a couple short years (we’re looking at you ChatGPT). Now, two years later, we share new methods to make your show notes stand out on in a web browser & various social platforms.

The best part – we show you how to do this in less time than it takes you to produce your audio content!

On May 6th, we’ll be featuring 6 expert speakers that have been handpicked to bring you the most knowledge, value, and POWER in a concise 4-hour live session – complete with interactive Q&A!

You’ll leave this event with a comprehensive understanding of search & social structure, how to use AI to compliment your work, and make your podcast more accessible and engaging for a greater audience.


Designed for YOUR podcast, website, and social platforms

How to Write SEO-Friendly Show Notes

Creating Show Notes with ChatGPT AI

Writing Catchy Episode Titles

Accessibility for All: How to Create an Accessible Podcast Website

How to Create Pro-Level Audiograms with Canva

Success with Social Sharing Strategies

Speakers, Emcee, & Moderator

Katie Brinkley

Next Step Social Communications

Bradley Vinson


Bethany Hawkins

Virginia Elder


Michael Blaes


Teresa Blaes


Jim Fuhs

Maurice Evans


Meredith Hackwith Edwards

Meredith For Real

Steve Stewart

Editor Academy

Jim Fuhs

Mark Deal

Editor Academy

You can’t afford to pass this up. Not now. Not when things are changing so rapidly.

  • How much is your time worth? Shouldn’t you be spending that precious time on the mic or lining up your next guest?
  • How much is your next 100… 1,000… 10,000 listeners worth? Starting the right trajectory now will put you miles on target later.
  • What is your monetization strategy and does it hinge solely on organic discovery for your RSS feed or the arbitrary rules of a social platform you don’t own?

We understand that investing in your podcast can be a big decision, but you know it’s worth it. Not only are the recordings priced at a mere fraction of any one of the benefits above, but is also way cheaper than seeking one-on-one coaching with any of our expert speakers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best and take your podcast to new heights. Say goodbye to the frustration of writing show notes that just don’t seem to work and get an ALL ACCESS PASS today.


$ 149 .00
  • Replays from the 2023 Event
  • Replays from the 2021 Event
  • Access all content for 12 months
  • Private FB Group Access
  • 10+ hours of content

You’ll also receive the replays from our 2021 Summit!

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