Editing Rates (2019 Survey results)


First some background on this data.

Steve Stewart conducted an anonymous survey in the Podcast Editors Club. He asked a few questions around a normalized scope to get an understanding an understanding on two basic things.

  1. How long does it take an Editor to edit
  2. How much do they charge

He asked a few other questions around other work, other scope, and events.

Mark Deal took that data, ran it through some descriptive statistics charts and regression analysis to pull out some insights.

This video is a replay of our presentation of those findings. In fact, this video starts about 5 minutes in after we do the typical ‘webinar warm up’. Feel free to rewind if you really want to hear that banter.

This is also holds a special place in our heart as it’s how we first announced the Podcast Editors Conference, which was the first of many stepping stones to get us to this Academy.


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