What’s New with Notetracks?

What's new with Notetracks in 2024

Question: Can you really collaborate ON audio?

Yep. For reals.

What does Notetracks do?

  • Reduces the back and forth on emails for changes that need to be made
  • Helps gather everyone’s input to make the changes before editing
  • Becomes the ONE place to gather all feedback
  • Provides accurate timestamps on the actual file instead of figuring out which version they belong to

AND it works with VIDEO too.

Kam Lal showed us how easy it is to share audio or video files with your clients – and do it in just one or two mouse clicks!

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About Kam Lal:

Kam is founder of Notetracks and has an extensive background in audio / music production and software development.

Notetracks was inspired by a need he had in his music production workflow that led to the development of the Notetracks platform that is now used by musicians, podcasters and audio/video creators all around the world.

Find more at notetracks.com


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