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Meet Virginia

I’ve been providing online media support services for small businesses and entrepreneurs since 2019 as my full-time focus.

This includes podcast and video channel launches and ongoing management.

I provide audio processing and light repair, plus detailed edits so that the host and guests are seen/heard as their most confident, knowledgeable selves.


  • Detailed editing
  • Video editing
  • Show Notes and copywriting
  • Social media content
  • Email campaigns
  • Launch Packages
  • Coaching/consulting
  • Audiobooks


Involved in podcasting since 2019

Graduated Steve Stewart’s Audacity class and YaYa Podcasting’s RX training

My team and I now produce about 24 episodes per month

Registered, experienced ACX audiobook narrator and editor

Ideal Client

Owners of small-medium-sized businesses in the financial services space who are also high-achievers, personal development junkies, or health nuts – we’re all peas in a pod.