VIDEO PODCAST EDITING demonstration: DaVinci Resolve with Alejandro Ramirez

How to edit a video podcast with DaVinci Resolve, featuring Alejandro Ramirez

Question: Do you want a FREE video editing tool that’s powerful enough to produce movie-theater flicks?

Answer: DaVinci Resolve.

…and that’s what Alejandro Ramirez demonstrated for almost 90 minutes.

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About Alejandro Ramirez:

Originally from Venezuela, Alejandro now lives in Santiago de Chile.

He considers himself a self taught sound artist and is deepening his skill stack with video editing using Davinci Resolve.

You may also know him as the Podcast Editor for the Podcast Editors Mastermind Show.

You can find Alejandro on LinkedIn where he always shares information about the amazing world of audio and editing – and sporadically samples of his work which you can also see on his still under construction professional Instagram account as @carbonomedia

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