VIDEO PODCAST EDITING demonstration: Adobe Premiere Pro with Austin Alvarez

Video Editing demonstration using Adobe Premiere Pro, with Austin Alvarez

VIDEO PODCAST EDITORS: There is no denying the growth of video editing in the podcast industry.

Even if the video doesn’t technically make it to a podcast app, just having the content on YouTube can bring new “ears” and eyes to your clients shows.

Since Adobe Audition is the #1 most used DAW amongst professional Podcast Editors, it makes sense that their video editing product also be a powerful tool in their tool belt.

Austin Alvarez joined me and people in the Podcast Editors Club community for a live demonstration on how to edit video with Adobe’s Premiere Pro.

To watch the replay – and all the other video editing demonstrations we have – join the Podcast Editor Academy.

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About Austin Alvarez:

Austin is the Head of the Editing Department at Sticky Paws Studios and Podcast Producer.

He has worked with shows of all sizes from start-ups to even big names like Kevin Jonas Sr., Nick Jonas, Dana White, Grant Cardone, and more.

…and he’s active in the Podcast Editors Club community!

Find Austin at

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