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Global Podcast Editors - Steph Fuccio

Meet Steph

Steph is a freelance podcast editor with a focus on combining audio, video, and newsletters to help her clients maximize their message.

She also writes about podcasting and runs the Global Podcast Editor community (YouTube, Substack).

Steph Fuccio is passionate about connecting people, one story at a time.


  • Detailed audio editing
  • Video editing
  • Advanced audio engineering
  • Content editing / story design
  • Virtual recording of sessions/interviews
  • Collecting analytics, creating reports
  • Coaching/consulting


Editing Podcasts since 2017

Has written for and

Ideal Client

“Small business owners who edited their podcast at the beginning but now wants to outsource so that they can focus on their expertise: the business. A strong podcast ‘why’ is ideal as well.”