Podcast Show Notes Summit

Here are some Tech Tips & Lovely Links to better enhance your live show experience.

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Summit Tech Tips & Answered Questions

  1. We have opted to use YouTube to host this Live Summit. We are broadcasting at 1080p, but you may need to change the video quality setting at the bottom of the video player
  2. You can push the feed to various Smart TVs from your device (though technology varies and your results may vary).
  3. You can even watch on YouTube and leverage their player tools for captions, etc. Replay of the live event will not be available through YouTube.
  4. Sound notifications of new chats in the chat box are muted by default, you can change this with the icon at the bottom of the chat box.
  5. You can pop out and move the chat box into a new window with the icon at the bottom of the chat box.
  6. Comments on YT don’t show in our chat box and vice versa. The embedded chat box will be our focus for questions.

Links & Resources shared by speakers

  1. https://DanielleDesir.com/notes
  2. https://HitPublish.com/SNS
  3. https://MarktimeMedia.com
  4. https://bit.ly/2WcfAQ8
  5. https://www.Facebook.com/RemoteControlSummit
  6. https://ImproveWithAI.com
  7. https://PodReacher.com
  8. https://ListenersToClients.com