Interview Mastery Summit – Group Buy

This ‘Ticket’ is for invited companies to purchase a group buy option for the Interview Mastery Summit

  1. You will get X* amount of coupon codes that will allow for that total amount of Free Live Passes or $30 off All Access passes (making those $49) – or any total mix of the two.
  2. You will get a custom Coupon Code* for use with your audience.
  3. Once X is used up, the live passes will be $19 for X+1, but All Access Passes will still be $30 off. Altering the code to allow for X+1 is a manual process, but we’ll monitor then closely and act quickly.
  4. We reserve the delight to surprise you with more acknowledgement during Interview Mastery Summit!

*X and Coupon Code are per the latest terms sent via email.

  • This also give the register account All Access Pass permissions up to the date below as well as access to our Affiliate system.
  • If you choose to register as an Affiliate and want your Coupon Code linked to that account, please email us so we can do that manual process. 
  • This Ticket option does not grant access to the rest of the Podcast Editor Academy



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