Podcast Editors Conference

Podcast Editors Conference & Podcast Editor Academy presents:

Podcast Editor Academy

Podcast Services Mastermind Workshop

A One Day Immersive and Collaborative In-Person Event Designed to Build & Grow Your Service Based Business

Pre-Event Area

Get immediate access to our pre-event area for your workshop customization form, bonus content, and early networking with other attendees.

The Main Event

Aug. 23rd * 9am-5pm * Dallas, TX

Join us in-person for an exclusive facilitator led mastermind / workshop and learn from the experts while collaborating with peers.

Post Event Follow Up

Access to a Private Group Call about one month after the main event for increased clarity accountability.

Time is running out to Discover and Build an action-packed strategy to grow a thriving business by helping others get the most from Podcasting

Perfect for:

  • Editors
  • Podcast Managers
  • Consultant
  • Show Runners
  • Writers
  • Guest Bookers

You are an Expert in your field and you know you can help others and their Podcasts… but you might feel lost or overwhelmed when it comes to wing-to-wing business development and executable strategies for growing revenue.

How can you achieve long-term growth that not only fits your lifestyle but enhances it to reach your ideal goals?

This is the One Day Event you don’t want to miss!

Pre-Event Area

Your progress starts immediately after you register when you’ll get access to our Pre-Event Area. There we’ll ask you a few questions to align and mix you with the best groups for you, grant you access to our pre-event networking chat, as well as provide any bonuses before our Main event on August 23rd.

The Main Event

At 9am on August 23rd, you’ll be placed at your first of 4 tables to begin an intensive 8 hour session

Here is a bit of what you’ll LEARN & CREATE during this Mastermind Workshop


Individuals and companies will pay you for what you do for them, not how you do it with an external facing mission statement


Clearly define you major ‘work actions’ plus the tools and resources needed to do them well with efficiency


Whether you call it your Audience, target market, or consumer Avatar… we’ll help you better define who you serve (and why)


Set your serendipity dials to find the best partners that will fill you pipeline and cover your own deficiencies


How you deliver your Value is just as important as what you deliver (sometimes more so with B2B clients)


Build multi-layer service offerings that fit your style and service as many as possible in ways their willing to pay for

…and MORE

You’ll develop a comprehensive map of your business that will serve you with your first glance – and for years to come!


Each attendee will have private access to a virtual group call about one month after the main event. This will be an extra boost to increase your vison’s clarity, hold you accountable for the actions you chose to take, and clear up any confusion that sometimes happens after the fog a big event like Podcast Movement.

Your Workshop Guides

Steve Stewart, co-founder Podcast Editor Academy

Steve Stewart

Steve founded the Podcast Editors Club to build community among like-minded post-production nerds like himself.

He partnered with Mark Deal to create the Podcast Editors Conference in 2019 and the Podcast Editor Academy in 2020.

Steve brings with him over 20 years of coaching and corporate training. He has a heart for helping others find work and improve their small businesses.

Mark Deal, co-founder Podcast Editor Academy

Mark Deal

Mark was paid to write his first business plan in 2007 and went on to build a company that wrote nearly 1,000 business plans for investors and entrepreneurs.

It was through this experience that he realized the ACT of planning a business was more important than the dozens (or sometimes hundreds) of pages that followed.

Now he is combining his formal education, business planning experience, masterminding facilitation, podcast industry insights, and a one-page process to help you hone your business vision.

Read what others have said about our past events

“The events put on by Mark Deal and Steve Stewart are a world-class experience for those who run podcast production businesses and those looking to get involved. As someone who as been in the space for a while, I’ve been genuinely impressed by how much I still learn. Can’t wait for future Podcast Editor Events.”

Mathew Passy


“I very much enjoyed the Podcast Editing Conference.

Within a month of attending I landed my first podcast editing gig!

How awesome is that?!?”

Ashley Wall


“While I’m very comfortable with my editing abilities, I was looking for some additional points to grow the business properly (i.e. workflow, add other team members, etc.). The Podcast Editors Conference allowed me to connect with fellow editors, join a mastermind, and gain additional insight to growing my team and business.”

Joshua Rivers


Get ready for Massive Growth

For a limited time, we are offering Mastermind Workshop tickets for a reduced price for Early Bird purchasers.

Mastermind Workshop Ticket

  • Early Bird Pricing
  • Access to the 1-Day Mastermind Workshop
  • Access to pre-event networking chat
  • Access to additional training materials
  • Invite to the accountability follow up in September
  • Limited Time Access to the Podcast Editor Academy for the first few who buy now

Why Attend this Event?

You want to stop racking your brain developing a strategy growth plan to get your podcast service-based business off the ground. At this event, you will finally discover what to spend your time on, so you can move forward with CONFIDENCE!


  • You LOVE to work with Podcasters
  • You ask the question “How do I get clients?”
  • You want to make real $$$$ in the podcast industry
  • You’re ready to have more focus and bigger growth!

Limited Seats

This is a limited seating event!

Our goal is to create small groups that allow time for each participant to get help developing their business model and game plan.


  • Workshop your Initial Value Proposition
  • Identify your key customer segments
  • Design your professional online presence
  • Uncover personal challenges and find ways to overcome them

Post Event Actions

Accountability doesn’t end after the event.

A virtual check-in will be offered to all attendees in late September.


  • Workbook to take home and study/review
  • Get your picture taken by a photographer
  • First dibs on Podcast Editor Academy activities at Podcast Movement (for those with #PM22 passes)

Not Your Normal Con

This isn’t your normal slide-show presentation conference.

The Podcast Services Mastermind Workshop is a casual – yet intensive – hands-on workshop that you’ll remember for years to come.

Your Workshop Guides, Steve and Mark, will work hard to make sure you get the most out of every minute (Seriously… we mapped out every minute).

Who Should NOT Attend

We realize this isn’t for everybody.

Even when given a roadmap and a set of steps to reach the end, some people will never take action to better themselves.


  • You’re happy with your day job
  • You have no intention of creating any kind of service-based business
  • You’d rather sit back passively and learn from online courses that don’t understand the podcast service industry
  • You question if the price to attend is worth it. If you have to ask then it’s not right for you – yet

We are currently accepting up to FIVE (now TWO) Sponsors for this once in a lifetime event. Contact us for more details


Frequently Asked Questions

When and Where?

Tuesday, August 23rd from 9am – 5pm Central Time Zone

Sheraton Hotel, 400 North Olive Street, Dallas, TX

15 minutes from Love Field and 25 from DFW Airport

Podcast Movement takes place at the same location through Friday August 26th

Attending Podcast Movement requires a separate registration. Use Promo Code “EDITORS” for $50 off!

What will the Main Event be like on the 23rd of August?

Roundtable mastermind collaborations

45-60 minute sessions before moving to another table

Break for lunch, where you’ll be escorted to a local eatery (BBQ, Mexican, Salads, or choose your own adventure)

Afterwards, attend Podcast Movement’s Welcome/Kickoff Party (requires separate registration)

Will there be a Virtual Pass or Replay of this event?

Sorry – not this time.

We get it, with 200+ videos, lessons, scripts, modules, etc. inside of Podcast Editor Academy, may have come to expect a virtual pass or video replays from us. Unfortunately the format of this in-person Mastermind workshop doesn’t lend itself to those formats.

Get yourself to Dallas for Podcast Movement and attend our event on the 23rd before the main conference kickoff party!

Why does it say I have access until September 30th when the event is on August 23rd?

Event though our in-person event is August 23rd, you’ll have access to any and all extras we share before and after the event – including our private group accountability call.

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