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Finding your first paying client is hard.
Getting your second client is a little easier.
…but then you end up spending a lot of time editing as a side-hustle.
That’s great if you have the time to spare and you don’t need a steady income. It’s a good use of your talents.
What happens when you try to add a third client to your roster?
Does family time get put aside?
Does the day-job suffer?
When did your fun hobby turn into just another part-time job???

Let’s turn that around

Anybody can edit a podcast.
Editing WELL takes practice and skill
Doing it EFFICIENTLY takes knowledge and tools
Scaling it big enough to be A SIGNIFICANT INCOME… takes wisdom and processes

We have some good news for you!


You found the place where you belong – in a community with knowledge and support for Podcast Editors.
Here is what you will find:

Expert Walkthroughs

Go beyond the basics with advanced tips from a dozen different DAWs taught by the experts that use them regularly.

Live Office Hours Calls

Regularly scheduled live calls with one or both of us to answer all your burning questions!

Conference Highlights

Insights & Templates to take you from initial contact through various stages of client management.


More than $1,400 off popular podcast editing resources from companies around the globe.

Business Tools

Business Models, Use Cases, Advice from experts on Bookkeeping, Taxes, Contracts, Legal and more!

Sales Scripts

Templates you can copy/paste to take you through various stages of prospecting to client management.

Community Forums

Discussion & Support from your fellow Editors in a safe environment.

Job Board

Be the first to get notified of new Editing Jobs looking for Audio Artisans like you!

#AskAnEditor Booth

Be the featured expert in our #AskAnEditor booth at Podcast Movement, She Podcasts Live, and Podfest 2022

…and much more to come as we continue growing!
(here is a little glimpse of what is coming up)

How this all started

My name is Steve Stewart. I started editing for one of my peers in January 2016. By mid-2016 I turned podcast editing into a new career.

It wasn’t an easy decision to give up a small financial coaching business I had spent 8 years building, but it has been SO worth it!

A year later, I launched the Podcast Editors Club on Facebook, which has grown to over 7,000 members.

I didn’t get here alone. Mark Deal helped me run the very first conference for podcast editors, the Podcast Editors Conference in Orlando on March 6th, 2020.

Between the Podcast Editors Club, Conference, Academy, and editing over 100 episodes every month for my clients, you could say I know a little about podcast editing and how to actually run a small business just like yours. That being said, I still get help and training from my peers to continuously improve.

Now, with the Podcast Editor Academy, you get to learn from the same inner circle of professionals the rest of us rely on!

Skills-based learning in one place

Where do you get your training to be a podcast editor? YouTube videos?

Many of those are old or not relevant to the way you edit.

Where do you get your questions answered? Most Facebook groups and Reddit forums are filled with podcasters. You might be a podcaster yourself, but that’s not the hat you are wearing when you start asking about compression and LUFS.

The Podcast Editor Academy is the one place where you can get help, learn from other editors, and draw upon the business experience from those who are already successful.

This site is the hub for everything a growing Podcast Editor will need to get started, keep going, and continue succeeding to greater heights.


Videos from past Podcast Editors Conferences

Branding, Marketing, Raising your Rates, Processes and Systems, Tips to help your clients from saying “Uhm”, the Podcast Editing Business Model, how to use plugins to automate and improve sound quality…and so much more.

Podcasters admit they spend 25-50% of their time editing their podcast, yet only 4-7% of conference sessions have anything to do with post-production.

Don’t you think that’s a bit lop-sided?

The Podcast Editor Academy is THE PLACE where the focus is on podcast editing and how to run a podcast editing business.

You can’t get this anywhere else.


I very much enjoyed the first Podcast Editing Conference that you coordinated earlier this year down in Orlando.

Within a month of attending I landed my first podcast editing gig! How awesome is that?!

Ashley Wall

While I’m very comfortable with my editing abilities, I was looking for some additional points to grow the business properly (i.e. workflow, add other team members, etc.).

The Podcast Editors Academy has allowed me to connect with fellow editors (2 of which I’m in a mastermind group with now) and gain additional insight to growing my team and business.

Joshua Rivers

A membership with the Podcast Editor Academy is an investment in the development and growth of your business.

I used to spend hours surfing outdated tutorials on YouTube and buying courses that taught me one thing.

I also drew upon the business knowledge I gathered from three decades of running a small business.

Don’t waste your precious time. Instead, spend less than $10 a week and get the help you need from the Podcast Editor Academy instead.

Your membership in the Podcast Editor Academy gives you:

  • Monthly Office Hours calls
  • Access to more than 60 hours of educational videos
  • Scripts and sales templates to land potential clients
  • Discounts on other industry and business development resources
  • News that effects the podcast editing industry
  • Plus, we are constantly adding new courses and modules

I just finished the Podcast Editor Business Model course in the Podcast Editor Academy! It was sooo good 🙌 Now I have a few things to think about and implement.

It’s a great course & I’m so happy to be a member of the Podcast Editor’s Academy, it really is proving to be a great resource. Thank you!

Virginia Elder

Joining the Podcast Editor Academy has helped me a ton to understand how to work with clients, price my services, and actually how to get started!

I wouldn’t be where I am without the support of the group and am enjoying the emails! I mean, they are straight to the point and so encouraging! Keep sharing your insight

Chrysa Stoiloudi
Productive Podcasting

If you’re ready to speed up your production workflow, grow your client base, and raise your rates by enrolling in the Podcast Editor Academy.

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Get paid by providing excellent Production services to a growing podcasting industry

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