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Michael Jerry MiTi Productions 2022

Meet Michael Jerry

Michael started his company because of a love for postproduction work on podcasts.

MiTi (pronounced “mighty”) Productions is a company that helps podcasters and businesses provide a pleasurable listening and visual experience to its audience.

He assists with remote recordings, clean up and repair of audio, and editing of both audio and video files.


  • Detailed editing
  • Video and audio
  • Advanced audio engineering
  • Remote recording assistance
  • Coaching and Consulting
  • Launch services


MiTi Productions LLC started in 2020

Graduate of Podcast Engineering School

Featured in Podcast Magazine March 2022

Ideal Client

“While I work with podcasters and businesses with varied level of experience, my ideal client is an experienced podcaster who wants to have a professional postproduction specialist enhance their audience’s experience.”

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