How to Manage Multiple Podcasts with PodCentral, feat Chris Hines

Podcast Agency of One with PodCentral, feat Chris Hines

How many shows do you manage? Anything more than 3 can begin to get complex and confusing – especially if you do more than “just” editing.

Discover how to manage multiple podcasts and clients with PodCental.

PodCentral is a new online app that works kind of Kanban meets Asana, but is geared more towards managing podcasts.

…and this tool lets you manage MULTIPLE things, like different shows or booking guests for clients.

There’s even some automation and connecting with email so you never lose an important note.

Join is Friday October 28th at 3pm EDT / 12pm Pacific to get your questions asked as Chris Hines continues to improve the development of his tool for Podcast Managers, Editors, and anyone trying to do “all the things”.

*A replay is available through Thursday November 3rd, then becomes exclusively available to the members of the Podcast Editor Academy. Join the Podcast Editor Academy to get access to this and all things available to help you start or grow your podcast editing business!

About Chris Hines:
Christopher Hines is a former podcast coach and now a startup founder. Since 2015, Chris has been in the podcast industry working to launch, grow and monetize podcasts.

After generating over $75,000 in podcasting, Chris is launching PodCentral to help podcast managers, hosts, and even networks manage their shows at a more efficient level.

SPECIAL OFFER through November 2022: Get $50 off Chris’s Podcast Business Accelerator course, which includes PodCentral, by using coupon code Pod23


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