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headshot - Leslie Martin

Meet Leslie

Alaskan by birth and choice (although not raised there), Leslie was a musician in high school and college, and has always had a passion for audio.

Having strong Christian and conservative values, Leslie has a special interest in helping members of the veteran/military/first responder communities develop and produce podcasts about their business and/or passions.


  • Detailed editing
  • Advanced audio engineering
  • Content editing / Story design
  • Virtual recording of sessions/interviews
  • Coaching/consulting
  • Launch Package for new podcasters


Graduate of Podcast Engineering School

Edited 1/2 dozen episodes by other podcasters, including 2 episodes of Podcast Editors Mastermind.

Ideal Client

Leslie will consider working with any podcaster while not to discriminating, regardless of political differences.

He has a particular interest in working with: Christians; conservatives; members of the veteran/military/first responder communities.