Learn How to Edit with Hindenburg in under 20 minutes, with Bryan Entzminger

How to Edit with Hindenburg with Bryan Entzminger

Hindenburg is a very popular editing program for those who want the ability to move clips around or bring pieces of audio into a project.

It’s also a great DAW overall.

Bryan Entzminger has been producing podcasts with Hindenburg for many years – and even teaches others through his course.

This video will demonstrate some of the basics to lure you into the world of Hindy!

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About Bryan Entzminger:

Bryan is a podcast editor and manager who has been using Hindenburg for 6+ years.

He is the founder of the Hindy Users (Unofficial) Facebook group, the creator of the course “Hindenburg Lite Quick Start,” and regularly helps other Hindenburg users solve problems and get the most out of the software.

Website: https://toptieraudio.com

Hindenburg course: https://courses.toptieraudio.com/courses/hindenburg-journalist/preview

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