Interview Mastery Summit

Make your next interview – the best ever published!

Featuring sessions created to help both Hosts & Guests

because a great interview is a shared responsibility

Topics covering Podcasts PLUS other adjacent platforms such as:

YouTube and Amazon Live


  • Podcasters
  • Live Streamers
  • Hosts
  • Guests


Session Speakers

Lee Uehara

Chris Stone

Bethany Hawkins

Bethany Hawkins

Andy Wang

Aimee Loyet

Jim Fuhs

Jim Fuhs

Mae Mariyam Thomas - Interview Mastery Summit, Saturday February 19th

Mae Mariyam Thomas

Tom Schwab

Sarah Li Cain

Discussion Moderators & Emcees

Steve Stewart, co-founder Podcast Editor Academy

Steve Stewart

Danielle Desir

Mark Deal, co-founder Podcast Editor Academy

Mark Deal

Live Sessions with Q&A

The State of Podcast Interviews 2022

Self-professed data guy and interview geek Tom Schwab and his team just completed their annual report on podcast interviews leveraging facts and figures from their database and will be sharing:

  • The most popular platform
  • Percentage that includes video
  • How long from invite to recording
  • How long from recording to airing
  • What a ‘big podcast’ is

He’ll also be sharing his insight on how you can use this information, and other experience to perform interviews that matter for Hosts, Guests, and the listening audience.

Preparing For A Successful Podcast Interview

How do you prepare for a podcast interview as a Host or as a Guest? In this session, learn how to create a memorable guest experience while ensuring clean audio for post-production.
We will cover:

  • How to get your guest excited about speaking to you
  • Why a coffee chat is the first step to greatness for the host and guest (and when this is appropriate)
  • Should you prepare/share questions ahead of time?
  • Techniques to improve guest audio
  • The importance of allowing your guest to speak
  • How to impress a host and their audience on air

Getting to Yes: Book Bigger Guests, Get Booked On Bigger Shows

Pitching your podcast and pitching yourself are more similar than we think. It’s about aligning interests. In this session, Andy shares tactics for booking bigger guests and guesting on bigger shows.

In this session we will take the journey on:

  • The right mindset for more effective pitching
  • Tactics for booking a high profile guest
  • Resources for booking yourself on podcasts

How To Show Up (and not off) with Video

Audio is still the most important element of podcasts, but what about video? Jim Fuhs & Chris Stone of Dealcasters cover how capturing video of everything on your show and repurposing it helps you:

  • Demonstrate your authority and authenticity as a host and/or guest
  • Amplify your podcast message in non-traditional spaces
  • Network with others in your space (and outside of it)
  • And of course… How to get found!

Tips from the Other Side of the Mic: Podcast Managers & Producers

Learn tips and tricks from Podcast Producers.
This panel shares a new perspective of what works -and doesn’t work- when performing and recording interviews from all angles.

A Journalist’s Insider Guide to Nailing Interviews

When it comes to interviewing people — and being interviewed, do you lack the confidence to nail it? If so, then this is a must-attend session.

As a podcast host, you’ll learn the journalism mistakes no podcaster should make and walk away with a clear understanding of things like “off the record” and “fact-checking” — two things that should be top of mind for anyone who conducts interviews.

As a podcast guest, you’ll learn how to build your thought leadership and present yourself — from pre- to post-interview. You’ll walk away knowing how to be the guest (and resource) who every show host wants to invite back.


Frequently Answered Questions

What’s the schedule?

Doors will open at 6:50am Pacific / 9:50am Eastern

Session will run from 7am – 12pm Pacific /10am – 3pm Eastern

Since this is a LIVE event, individual session times can easily change due to unforeseen circumstances, we won’t be publishing each individual session time.

How many clicks to watch all the LIVE sessions?

We know how frustrating it can be to get to the right track and session on time… especially if the last one runs over.

We won’t do that to you!

All sessions have been collapsed to a single track to with insight to help both Hosts & Guests. The entire live event will play in one window. You can watch it from your computer, tablet, phone, and in some cases – your smart TV!

What’s the difference between the ALL ACCESS Pass and the LIVE Pass?

The ALL ACCESS Pass gives you access to the live event replays plus any bonuses added by speakers and some special content from within the Academy.

The LIVE Pass only gives you access to the live sessions on Saturday, February 19th.

What if I can’t watch the whole thing LIVE?

The more you participate LIVE, the better your experience will be. It is your chance to participate in the Q&A after all. Five hours on a Saturday can be tough, so that’s why Replays are available to All Access Ticket holders.

When will the replays be available for the ALL ACCESS ticket holders?

In order to give us time to process all the LIVE footage, edit the videos, split them up into separate viewable sessions with advanced play controls (2x anyone?) the replays will be available a week after the summit.

When and Where is the Afterparty?

The Afterparty starts at 7pm Eastern / 4pm Pacific. It’s a totally virtual experience that will allow you to go into various areas (or roam the halls) striking up conversions with others or join conversations in progress. Areas and conversations might have a theme, but it’s really just a guide to get things going? You’re also free to leave a conversation at any time.

Our virtual afterparty host only supports desktop platforms and doesn’t support a mobile experience.

Afterparty details can be found inside the Interview Mastery Summit event page

What is the refund policy?

Since this is an event with hard costs to produce there are no refunds after February 18th, 2022. Some events offer NO REFUNDS at all. We know that plans can change and you might not be able to make it LIVE. If you need a refund, we get it, but we do recommend you check out the ALL ACCESS Pass. 😉

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