Learn How to Use Schedule Booking Apps, with Melody Johnson

How to Use Schedule Booking Apps with Melody Johnson

Scheduling Apps are mandatory for Booking Agents and Podcast Managers who arrange interviews for their clients.

Save time and brain cells by offering guests (and/or clients) the ability to schedule a time that works for both you and them.

Learn by seeing how various scheduling apps work – and why you need to get one!


About Melody Johnson:

Melody Johnson is an entrepreneur, creator and coach who believes that every person has the ability to live happily, freely, and with purpose.

Melody believes in the power of community, and has helped build a successful creators community with friends coacKhing 1.5 creators weekly on Amazon Live and other resources.

She helps new creators (especially mothers) to gain freedom and time with friends and families by becoming creators and entrepreneurs.

Melody provides online courses and coaching for entrepreneurs who are looking to make a living from their creativity.

Her goal is that every person who works with her will find success on their terms and join her ever-growing network of friends and professionals who are thriving.

Website: MelodyMJ.com
Deals With Mel: Amazon.com/shop/dealswithmel

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