How to Use Descript to Edit Podcasts, with Cody Crabb

how to descript (Cody Crabb demo)

It’s been a couple years since I’ve hosted a live stream about Descript with someone

…and if you know anything about Descript then you know a LOT has changed!

Cody Crabb knows this first-hand, as he moved much of his post-production work away from his DAW to use Descript for many of his clients’ projects.

Joshua Suhy from also joined us later on to talk about Descript + ProTools and workflows.

What you’ll learn by watching:

  • Uh Um Editing (aka: filler word removal)
  • Working with clients in Descript
  • Creating audiograms
  • Overdub (aka: deep fakes)
  • Studio Sound
  • Multi-track editing
  • Descript Workflows

Thanks to Cody of for sharing with us!

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About Cody Crabb:
Cody is a full-service podcast editor based in Salt Lake City, Utah. He’s been working in audio for almost 10 years, starting in music and eventually moving to podcasts and video editing. Besides editing, he talks about podcast editing, Descript, and more on both his YouTube channel and in live workshops.

Use Cody’s affiliate link to try Descript:

Cody’s website: