How to use Auphonic in your editing workflow

how to use auphonic

Those who are looking for a simple and automated way to improve the quality of podcast recordings should become familiar with Auphonic.

It seems like Auphonic has been around forever, as many Podcast Editors and podcasters have been using it as their default audio repair tool since before the Podcast Editors Club existed.

But Auphonic can do more than just noise reduction, volume leveling, and cross talk (spill) removal.

Join the Podcast Editor Academy to see founder Georg Holzmann demonstrate how to use Auphonic.

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Podcast Editor Academy

*Members of the Podcast Editor Academy receive 25 free credits when creating an Auphonic account. See the Discounts section for details.

About Georg Holzmann:
Georg is an audio engineer with passion for podcasts, AI, machine learning, signal processing, everything related to audio, music, open source software and much more.

Discussions and repeating questions from podcasters led him to the idea of an automatic audio post production web service, which is now called Auphonic.