Learn the Basics for How to Use ASANA in 22 minutes, with Kendra Swalls

How to use Asana with Kendra Swalls


Kendra Swalls of Girl Means Business demonstrates how to use Asana organize a podcast.

This video is perfect for:

  • Editors that work with a team (or just want to manage their own tasks)
  • Managers and show runners that are more integrated with podcast development
  • Booking agents that want to manage guest appearances
  • Promoters or Social Media managers

About Kendra Swalls:

Kendra is a mom of 2, photographer and  educator. In 2017 she left her teaching career behind to run her photography business and start the Girl Means Business brand + podcast.  Now she helps busy moms women take their business from survival-mode to success-mode using the same relationship marketing strategies that have been the foundations for her business success.

Website: GirlMeansBusiness.com

Content Camp: GirlMeansBusiness.com/camp. Content Camp is a new course designed to bring the fun, excitement and carefree feeling of summer camp to your content creation process. In this self paced course you will learn how to choose the best content types for your business, gain clarity on who your content is designed for and develop a strategy for organizing and batch creating content so you always have a bank of content ready to go.

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