Learn How to Manage Your Client’s Social Media in under 20 minutes, with Katie Brinkley

How to Manage your Social Media with Katie Brinkley

Podcasting doesn’t really live on Social Media. However, your listeners do!

How do you show up on a consistent basis without being on your phone all day?

Katie Brinkley demonstrates how to use a social media scheduler to build consistency and community.



About Katie Brinkley:

Katie has been leveraging social media to grow audiences and income for over 18 years. Since the time of MySpace, she’s helped her clients build a strategy to attract the right followers and generate consistent inbound leads in as little as an hour a week.

From building corporate-level growth strategies for AT&T and DirecTV to implementing done-for-you social media for solopreneurs and local businesses, Katie has been at the forefront to the changes in how buyers engage on social media. Utilizing her platform-agnostic strategies, Katie’s clients have been able to see bottom-line results at every stage of the sales process.

Katie’s history of radio journalism mixed with her social aptitude allows her to bring a unique insight and leverage her client stories to the forefront of their social strategy.

Katie’s website: www.nextstepsocialcommunications.com

Download her free Guide to Social Sales: www.katiebrinkley.com/socialsales

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