How to Hire a Podcast Editor

How to HIRE a Podcast Editor

Are you ready to partner with an expert to take the editing workload off your hands?

What about working with someone who can make your podcast simply sound better?

This is the place to find resources and information to help you connect with the right person to work on your show.

Before beginning the process, consider what kind of help you need:

  • Audio and/or video editing (like, you know, taking out all the, uhmm…stuff?)
  • Audio engineering to improve the audio quality of recordings
  • Full production of the episode, including uploading the finished product for you
  • Sound design, content editing, or dialogue editing for a narrative-type show
  • A “virtual studio engineer” to assist – or even run – remote recordings
  • Individual who is virtual or local
  • A team or company that has redundancies
  • Show notes writer
  • Social media images/videos/visuals
  • Social media scheduling and management
  • Consulting
  • Website management
  • Extremely fast turn-around or volume to take on multiple episodes a week (if that’s your kind of show)

Each of these services bring varying levels of expertise.

Your budget should help guide you into making wise decisions on what tasks to outsource now, and what to look forward as the podcast grows in popularity over the coming months.

Where to look for a Podcast Editor

Where can you find such a skillful and talented person?

Most people would say:

  • Get a personal recommendation from someone you know
  • Online marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork
  • Social Media groups

Personal recommendations are an excellent way to find a trusted individual or service to work on your art.

I doubt someone you know will recommend a dud who misses deadlines or has poor communications skills. Would you?

Start there if you have a friend or peer who already hires out some of their podcasting tasks.

Online marketplaces are like the Etsy of service providers: You can find just about anything there!

However, people use them like Walmart and Amazon: Everyone is looking to get what they want at the lowest price.

This causes some of the most talented people to work for less than they are worth – and eventually drop out because they can’t make enough.

Social Media: I love getting advice from my friends and cohorts on social media! One question can prompt dozens of thought-provoking responses.

A variation of the “With great power comes great responsibility” adage comes into play here though.

Here is what I see when someone posts “I’m looking to hire a Podcast Editor. Who do you know?”:

50% comment with “I can do it! DM me”
30% say “I just DM’d you”
10% ask “what kind of editing are you looking for?”
10% say “I’m an editor. Here’s a link to my site. Call me.”

The real problem with posting a job opportunity on social media is the amount of time you’ll need to spend responding to DMs and questions from people who haven’t provided you any information about their qualifications. You end up doing tons of research when you should be doing, well…anything else!

Good news: We’ve done most of the work for you

There is one more resource that hasn’t been talked about yet: The Podcast Editors Job Board

The Podcast Editors Job Board is free listing service provided by us, the Podcast Editor Academy.

Peruse a few of our members and the information they have provided. You can quickly learn about 1, 2, or 3 people who seem to fit your needs.

Want to search an even larger group of people? Click the button below to follow our simple 3-step process to “Find a Podcast Editor”