How to Find A Podcast Editor

How to Find a Podcast Editor

Online marketplaces and social media groups can make the experience of looking for a podcast editor frustrating. 😖

Even the mention in a Facebook group that you are looking for help will prompt dozens of DMs, you’ll receive requests by strangers to DM them, and you could be answering random questions for hours! Who has time for all of that? ⌛

The Podcast Editor Academy can make the process much more simple – and private – with a process we’ve been using for years. 😊

How to Find a Podcast Editor

We’ve streamlined the process to save you time and get you quality applicants.

There are three steps to the process of finding a Podcast Editor:

Step 1: Create a *form to act as an online application
Step 2: Email a sharable link to the form
Step 3: Wait at least 48 hours to review the submissions you receive

Step 1: Create an online application

*To make things easier, we’ve made the following Google Form template available for you: (log into your Google account, then click here to make a copy. Clicking this link makes a copy that you own and manage). Change the questions, add others, and remove questions in any manner you wish.

You may be familiar with building survey forms, like TypeForm, JotForm or SurveyMonkey. Those work too!

In the example of a Google Form, you simple copy & paste the URL from the “Send” button and email it to

At that point, we share the link with members of the Podcast Editor Academy.

Nobody knows you are, and they provide you with the information YOU need to choose whom to interview for the position.

Step 3: Wait, then connect

Within 24-72 hours you will have a few submissions to review.

Contact the individuals you think are the best fit.

Use this process to find a Podcast Editor, Show Notes Writer, or even a Podcast Manager to do all the things!

What to include in your Online Application

Give as many details as you feel are necessary about the type of show you are making, including:

  • Format (interview, monologue, narrative, audiodrama, etc)
  • Average length of recordings used to create each episode
  • How many people/voices are involved
  • Frequency of releases
  • If you’re using Dynamic Insertion or working with an ad agency

Provide as much information you feel is needed to properly explain the type of show you are creating.

Questions to ask when looking for a Podcast Editor

The type of questions you could ask a Podcast Editor are endless. Every podcast is different, so your needs may be different too.

Here are some of the most common questions to ask an Editor:

  • Email address
  • Full name
  • Website or sample of work
  • History of work (or how many episodes do they produce in an average month)
  • What is the expected turn-around time to complete the job
  • Price/rate quote
  • What the rate based on (per episode, number of minutes recorded, hourly rate, etc)

*When using a Google Form or other type of form builder, consider also using Check Boxes for additional service they may offer.

How to Interview a Podcast Editor

Interviewing a stranger can be nerve-racking… but it doesn’t have to be! You already have most of the answers you need from their submission, so what else do you want to know?

Set up a time to chat. I recommend a video chat so you can see their body language, and you can experience first-hand how you two can work together when you have questions that an email communique just couldn’t handle.

Our Podcast Editors are working hard to provide excellent service to podcasters because they love the post-production side of podcasting. They want to work for you just as much as you want to get away from the time-suck and hard work of editing your own show!

Our listing service is absolutely free to use.

By connecting our Academy members with podcasters like you, we solve the problem of searching endlessly in online workplace services. No longer do you need to get pummeled with questions and DMs from social groups where everybody thinks they can edit for you.

Follow the simple 3-step process above so we can get the process started!