How the 25 Day Advent Works

If you would like to participate in our advent event for 2022, Please send us:

  1. The proper name of your offering
  2. The monetary value of your offering
  3. A brief description of your offering (to be shown in that advent box)
  4. Any relevant product or branding images (to be shown in that advent box)
  5. Any relevant website links or YouTube videos for your brand or offer
  6. A brief 1-3 sentence ‘runner up/promo’ message (plus optional link and promo code) to go out to all entries in early January.

How does the advent promo work and what does it look like?

Here is a quick (<5 min) video on how we run our 25 days of Christmas promo in December.

This video was done prior to our 2021 advent event. Some things to note for our 3rd annual advent event for 2022.

What will happen to the advent calendar page and your participation for the 11 months following our promo?

  1. The advent page for the previous year stays up until December 1st of this year (after all the Black Friday / Cyber Monday craziness)
  2. In the month of December, the advent boxes will be visible.
  3. The /25days page shifts to a ‘thank you / waitlist’ page around January first before the sponsored email goes out to all.

The below entry form is just an internal test we use to make sure things will work for this year.

If you use it, chances are you’ll get a couple of emails with no content or formatting for this year’s event.