How Podcasters Can Tell Their Editors What to Take Out

How Podcasters Communicate Edits to Editors

Your editor can’t always be there when you record your podcast, so how can you communicate edits you want them to make?

This short video will demonstrate some of the ways clients cue me in their recordings.

I also share tools and ways you can tell your editor what should be taken out AFTER the recording is done.


00:52 – Verbal cue
01:20 – The “clap” cue
02:27 – Not-so-obvious, but funny indication a cut should be made
03:16 – More verbal direction
03:50 – How to re-start (proper energy, cadence, tempo, etc)
04:45 – “3, 2, 1” …pause
07:10 – Pause to give the editor/engineer “room tone”
08:03 – Not clear what to do, so ask your client or make judgement call
08:58 – Using a “Cuts & Restarts” list with timestamps
11:37 – Using Notetracks to make notes ON the audio itself



Download the free “Cuts and Restarts” template:

Editors: Watch the Notetracks demonstration in the Podcast Editors Club Facebook group: