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Meet Heidi

After listening to podcasts for awhile, Heidi found her favorite podcast started having delays with releasing episodes. She became friends with the hosts and wanted to help. Before She knew it, Heidi had taken on the full producer title of the show.

Soon she was approached by other podcasters to work on their shows. Heidi gladly agrees to the work – and has fallen in love with it!


  • Detailed audio editing
  • Advanced audio engineering
  • Virtual recording of sessions/interviews
  • Website management
  • Coaching/consulting
  • Launch Package for new podcasters


Editing and producing audio podcasts since 2019

Ideal Client

“Publishes shows on a consistent basis and easy to reach via email. They have a passion for the subject matter of their podcast and are able to share this passion with their listeners on a wide range of information from business, to true crime, self improvement and even sports.