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headshot - Engin Hassan (2022)

Meet Engin

Engin has been an audio editor / producer for 20 years now.

He cut his teeth in the music editing arena working for dance band Coldcut, but has turned his production skills to the world of podcasts.

Engin edits a number of podcasts for clients around the world and has also produced a number of his own podcasts from the ground up.

Highlights include a podcast – The Celtic Ride – which is a spinoff from an Amazon Prime TV series.

Engin recently created and produced a podcast for a local arts festival which involved the whole process including recording the interviews right through to mastering the episodes and publishing them online.


  • Detailed audio editing
  • Advanced audio engineering
  • Content editing / story design
  • Virtual recording of sessions/interviews
  • Sound design / sound scapes


20 years as an audio editor

8-12 episodes per month, with a growing global clientele

Ideal Client

Someone who has a great idea or concept, but needs help from a professional editor to get it over the line. 

Engin loves to work with clients who also enjoy the collaborative process or who are looking for someone with a creative touch.