Dueling DAWs: HINDENBURG PRO vs Audacity

dueling DAWs: Hindenburg Pro vs Audacity

Being dubbed “The Dueling Banjos of Podcast Editing”, Bekah Johnson demonstrates features of Hindenburg Pro while Steve Stewart defends Audacity’s honor.

Okay, so that’s a bit extreme for an opening statement, but that’s essentially what you get watching this live stream replay

In this video you get to learn how Hindy and Audacity handle things like:

  • Adjusting volume levels
  • Editing mistakes
  • Adding music
  • Arranging a story
  • Audio clean-up (engineering)
  • FX (compression, noise reduction, voice profiler)
  • LUFS (-16)
  • Exporting to media hosts


The Podcast Editor Academy would like to thank Hindenburg for sponsoring the Podcast Services Mastermind Workshop on August 23rd in Dallas, TX.

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