This is the starting point for all the development stuff we are working on.

Rather than try to code a bunch of links and buttons and clutter up your dashboard, I’m going to put stuff in here.


Black Friday Promo Page

Loaded in DEV for right now. Let’s Tweak it before release.

Only Guests can register for this. A member won’t be able to switch to this. I might have over thought that.

Black Friday Promo Page

PMVirtual Promo Page

This is a WP page, with the signup box at the bottom, and easy URL pretty linked to auto fill the coupon code.

Veiw and edit PMVirtual Promo Page



Homepage Design

This page was coded straight into HTML/CSS for fast loading and great looking homepage. The copy was engineered and tweaked by me to follow common sales scripts formulas.

Thought this might make a good PEA jump point

PGA Homepage imported into PEA




Podcaster Kit Dashboard

Dashboard for ‘Beginner Members’



Affiliate Stuff

It’s installed and working. Only you and I have access. Eventually it will be open to members. We can make a process by which we invite others to join for promos.

Folks will join with this link (that I’ll put in the nav menu). Signup will be easy since we have most of the info we need. We’ll have to wrap some T&Cs around this.
Affiliate Signup


Once they signed up, they’ll have access to this special dashboard.
Affiliate Dashboard


Right now I have the default set to 20% reoccurring. We can change this at a user level inside their WP-user in the WordPress dashboard.


Forum Stuff

It’s installed and working, but there is a bunch of work to before we make it live. I’ll break this up into two items.


Our WordPress theme has a couple of display issues with the forums. I think we can overcome some of it with some CSS coding, but it will never look as ‘pretty’ as the custom premium theme it was designed for.

Structure / Flow:

We also need to think about how to initially set these up. Does each course get a forum, a discussion, how does categories work with that. Should we have a separate thread for each DAW? What else should we include? How much control do we give to others (i.e. do we want to allow people to create parent forums or just child threads and discussions.

Here are some links to stuff in the forums. We can also use the shortcodes to build out a single page that contains much of this stuff (which might look cleaner).

Member listing

I also have a search bar at the top of this page and have allowed that search bar to search everything (members, blog posts, courses, etc). You and I as admins now get a cool function to view the site as one of these people.
Member Listing & Search


This is pretty much what you think of forums.



This is the buddy system I’m putting in. Folks will be able to create a group, give it a purpose,



Courses we are working on

Below is a content grid for any courses marked with the DEV category. These can be Active/inactive or marked to show in other categories. Essentially we can mark stuff with the DEV category and use the back end to get to them quickly.