I’m just an Annual Member withOUT admin privilege’s, but with access to Dev pages and courses. I’m great at testing the member experience while keeping development resources in development.



This is the starting point for all the development stuff we are working on.

Rather than try to code a bunch of links and buttons and clutter up your dashboard, I’m going to put stuff in here.


Podfest Global Summit




PodKit Dashboard

This should be deactivated (or moved to DEV) on March 5th

Dashboard for ‘Beginner Members’


Affiliate Stuff

This is now active under the User menu. We should add a bit to help others use it.

Right now I have the default set to 20% recurring. We can change this at a user level inside their WP-user in the WordPress dashboard.


Forum Stuff

reworking this stuff with new plugins


Courses we are working on

Below is a content grid for any courses marked with the DEV category. These can be Active/inactive or marked to show in other categories. Essentially, we can mark stuff with the DEV category and use the back end to get to them quickly.