Demand for Podcast Editors will go up because of Google

if google translates then podcasters need podcast editors

If Google transcribes podcasts, then podcasters will NEED Podcast Editors!

You’ve likely heard about how Apple and Google are transcribing audio so it can be indexed for search.

Can you imagine?!?

“Yeah, so umm, yeah. So we, uh, did that and then I, well… actually it was that we both felt it was time to …”

Would you want that in your Google search results? Of course not!

A podcaster who is trying to reach more people via SEO would want the first 17 words cut out so the transcription began with, “We both felt it was time to…

If Google is going to start indexing podcast recordings, then people REALLY need to get their stuff edited!

Podcast Editing is a growing as an industry – and it’s mostly done by independent contractors LIKE YOU.

  • Do you have processes set in place?
  • Do you know how to speak (“pitch”) to potential clients?
  • Do you know how to make a living on only a handful of clients?

You probably know how to edit….but do you know how to business?

It sounds like big hairy topic, but starting a business is not all that difficult.

If you can open a checking account as a DBA (“doing business as”) then you can start your podcast editing as a legitimate business. That’s what I did.

  • Do you have your website branding in check like Carrie Caulfield Arick at
  • What about your marketing? Are you “personable” like Emily Prokop is on her awesome IG feed?
  • When is it appropriate to raise rates or fire a dud client? Britany Felix of Podcasting for Coaches has raised her prices incrementally over the past 3 years and shed the dud clients from her roster.

BTW: This was all stuff that was shared in the first two hours of the Podcast Editors Conference on March 6th. Those recordings will be available inside the Podcast Editor Academy when we launch it in May 2020.

Who is going to do the work?

People are busy with their jobs and personal lives. Unless they like editing, they are going to need professionals like you.

They could just have a VA fix their transcriptions for Google, but that doesn’t help their podcast sound better to the actual listeners.

A crap-sounding podcast results in stunted download growth. Period.

Podcasters will need editors, engineers, and Virtual Assistants at an increasing pace in the near future.

Are you prepared to be the professional? Or are you just keeping this editing gig as a hobby?

Then let me ask you this: Who will get more clients and be able to charge more money?

Coming in May 2020

The Podcast Editor Academy will open its doors in mid-May 2020.

A membership will get you:

  • Video recordings from the first-ever Podcast Editors Conference held this past March
  • Sales scripts and email templates
  • Discounts on various courses to help you improve your skills and run your business
  • Monthly “Office Hours”
  • and much more

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