Craig Wealand

Craig is a DELTA qualified English teacher, materials writer and Cambridge examiner who has been teaching at the British Council, Valencia since he moved from London to Spain in 1997.

Craig has been podcasting and editing professionally since 2014.

His love of the English language, and its effective spoken delivery, refuses to let him edit faster than at X1 speed.

Ever since watching the video of a best man’s speech he gave at a friend’s wedding in 1995, Craig has been trying to eliminate his speech disfluencies. He’s currently working on one of his last crutch words, ‘so’.

After many years presenting at international conferences on the power of podcasts for language learning,

Craig’s current interest is in enabling his students to create their own podcasts.

His successful co-hosted podcast at helps Spanish speakers improve their English. It won best educational podcast award at New Media Europe in 2015.