Podcast Service Business Models

  • Have you ever thought about starting your own Podcast Service Business?
  • Ever wonder why some individually owned startups rise, while others die on the vine?
  • Perhaps you have a great business idea but are lost on how to organize it.


In this talk, Mark is going to boil down his experience of developing nearly 1,000 business plans into a simple one page landscape to guide you through the planning and execution of your own business – and he will do it using tips specifically for the Podcasting Industry.

Take a deeper dive into Podcast Editing Business Models through our multi-lesson course.


Mark Deal is a professional podcast director, nationally recognized expert and the Atlanta leader in Podcasting. In addition to running various podcasting groups totaling almost 9,000 members, he is also the Organizer of the Podcast Editors Conference and Cofounder of Podcast Editor Academy. His mission is to help the production community produce better content efficiently (and make a living doing it).