How to Create Audiograms (with Canva), featuring Bradley Vinson


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Do you ever notice how some social sharing of podcasts just stand out a lot more than others?

Are you always trying to find the best tools to make an audiogram?

Do you feel your current audiogram solution looks like everyone else’s?

That stops today!

Learn how to create incredible moving audiograms that will grab the attention of all your followers with Bradley Vinson of

The best Audiograms incorporate the following:

  1. Something that is Bold and stands out on the social platform of your choice
  2. One that has high contrast so that individual elements can be parsed and identified
  3. Fonts that are easy to read on smaller screens
  4. A picture of the podcast Host or Guest

Bradley demonstrates how to create the very best audiograms in Canva.

The enhanced audiogram construction demonstrated in the first 8 minutes is better than 90% of what is out there, and Bradly takes it several levels further by showing you how to sync dynamic elements at critical portions of the audio to create videos that are much more active and engaging than a bouncing waveform.


About Bradley Vinson:

Bradley has been in the design world since the early nineties but recently combined his love for teaching with his design and multimedia production skills to create “Bradley Teaches.”

He helps content creators move from ‘playful’ to ‘professional’ by showing them how to make pro-level graphics and animations to brand their content using Apple keynote, Canva, and other web-based software.

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Comments on How to Create Audiograms (with Canva), featuring Bradley Vinson

  1. Julie Belew says:

    So I don’t need Wavve or Headliner to create audiograms! That’s awesome! Thanks Bradley!

    1. Mark Deal says:

      Yelp. I canceled my plan after I saw this.

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