Mouse and Trackballs

Hardware for Editors

Click. Scroll. Repeat.

…for hours and hours.

Check out all the options for one of the most important podcast editing tools:

  • Wired: The most affordable and reliable
  • Wireless: Get rid of the wires and extend your range
  • Touchpad: Elegant. Multi-touch gestures. Different.
  • Trackball: There are some that testify the trackball has changed the way they edit.
  • Vertical: Improve the ergonomics and reduce fatigue in your hand
  • Gaming: My favorite. Includes a 10-key on the side, which extends the number of hot-keys I can use while editing!

…and if that’s not enough, 3DConnexion makes the SpaceMouse which incorporates many of the best features of all these mice in one device.

Summary: I used cheap mouse/mice that came with my computers for years. You can probably get by with what you are used to…but make sure it still fits your podcast editing needs.

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