Hardware for Editors

Keyboards are a dime-a-dozen…but you have to have one.

Most people will never buy a keyboard.

…but if you were to, let’s say spill a soda all over yours, then check out these features when looking for a replacement:

  • Wireless: Get rid of the wires and extend your range
  • 10-key: I rarely use a 10-key on the keyboard when editing, but it does come in handy for many other things
  • Gaming: Kind of overkill and some gaming keyboards can be noisy, but the glow and changing color features are really cool!
  • Silent: As the name implies, a silent keyboard is quiet when you press the keys.

Learn from my mistakes

I purchased the iMBAPrice Large Font Print USB LED Backlit Keyboard because of the large font and the backlit keys. It was also very affordable. The only problem was the Home and Page Up/Down keys were placed directly below the Delete key. I kept hitting those keys when typing email and blog posts until it drove me so crazy that I popped those keys off. (Yes, they can be removed).

Then I purchased the Razer Ornata. A really nice keyboard with great response, but very noisy. I like the clicking sound as I type, which I’m sure is a flash-back to the days when I learned to keyboard on an actual typewriter, but the noise is HORRIBLE during live streams and webinars.

Summary: Just like a mouse, you can probably get by without upgrading your keyboard. Hopefully this lesson gave you some ideas for the future.


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