All About Launching Actual Video Podcasts

Video Podcasts have been around since the mid-2000s, but is coming on stronger than ever now that Spotify and YouTube are being active in this space.

Plus, everyone has a video camera in their purse/pocket – so anyone can literally record and upload content at a moment’s notice.

Along with it, the level of confusion has SKYROCKETED!

  • Is a show that is only on YouTube a Podcast?
  • Can I get my video into Spotify like Joe Rogan?
  • What ever happened to Ask a Ninja?

Fortunately for you, Zac Miller and I clear the air about:

  • What makes a podcast a podcast
  • What platforms provide actual VIDEO podcasts
  • How to get video podcasts into the Big 3 video podcast platforms

This presentation was streamed in front of a live virtual audience. If you’d like access – and the guide with reference links and helpful information – you can get it inside the Podcast Editor Academy.

About Zac Miller:

Video.Pro Zac Miller has nearly two decades of experience editing and producing films, television series, and podcasts. He currently produces and co-stars in the hit video podcast, The Kim Gravel Show, which is the #1 show on QVC+!!!

Watch The Kim Gravel Show:
or Zac’s TikTok: @zacmiller.videopro